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Uses of Black Garlic Extract (Part 1)

Pulished on Jun. 10, 2020

The black garlic extract is extracted from black garlic underground bulbs, and sulfur-containing compounds are the main biologically active substances. It has the functions of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-cancer, strengthening immunity and delaying aging.

Black garlic has developed from the single food industry to many industries such as cosmetics, health care products, and medicine.

Extract source

Black garlic, also known as black garlic, fermented black garlic, is made of fresh raw garlic, with skin placed in high temperature and high humidity fermentation tank for 60 to 90 days to let it be naturally fermented. Since the whole garlic petals are fermented after fermentation It appears black, so it is called black garlic.

Garlic (Alliumsativum L.) is the underground bulb of the perennial herbaceous plant of the Allium family of the Liliaceae. The sulfur compounds unique to black garlic extract export are currently considered to be the main biologically active substances in black garlic. The highest content of trace elements in black garlic is potassium, followed by magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Black garlic contains a variety of nutrients, mainly amino acids, peptides, proteins, enzymes, glycosides, vitamins, fat, Inorganic substances, carbohydrates, and sulfur compounds, etc. The vitamins in black garlic are mainly vitamin B. In addition, in addition to allicin, amino acids, and vitamins, black garlic also contains reducing sugars (mainly glucose and fructose), sucrose, and polysaccharides.

 Black Garlic Extract Export

 Black Garlic Extract Export

Physiological function

1. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects

Black garlic extract can improve the anti-tumor ability of mice, so the spleen cell culture system of mice fed with black garlic extract was used to clarify the anti-tumor mechanism; the study found that black garlic can reduce the size of BALB/c mouse fibrosarcoma. Reaching 50% of the size of the control group, it can be seen that black garlic has a strong anti-tumor ability.

2. Anti-aging effect

Black garlic extract export china selenium-containing protein and selenium-containing polysaccharide have strong scavenging ability for superoxide radicals and hydroxyl radicals, so they can play an anti-aging role. Studies have shown that the ethanol extract of black garlic has a certain effect on delaying aging. It is also found that black garlic contains many amino acids, organic sulfides, vitamins, and other substances, which also have a certain effect on preventing atherosclerosis and anti-aging. The germanium element in black garlic also has anti-aging effects.

3. Liver protection

Black garlic has very strong antioxidant activity, so it can protect the liver by inhibiting the damage of lipid peroxidase to the structure of the liver cell membrane. There are more amino acids in black garlic, such as alanine and asparagine, which can enhance liver function and protect the liver.

4. Enhance immune function

Studies have shown that the fat-soluble volatile oil in black garlic can significantly enhance the phagocytosis function of Chemicalbook's high macrophages and enhance the immune system; allicin has the function of activating the cell membrane composed of glycolipids, which can increase its permeability and make the cell The metabolism is strengthened, the vitality is improved, and the body's immunity is strengthened. In addition, every 100g of black garlic is rich in lysine 170mg, serine 223mg, and VC7mg, which have the effect of enhancing human immunity. It also contains 1.4mg of zinc. The synthesis of hormones can also improve the body's immunity.