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The main use of shiitake mushroom extract

Pulished on Jul. 29, 2019

The main use of shiitake mushroom extract:

The product is commonly known as lentinan powder (spill mushroom extract), which is mainly used for medicine and health food raw materials. The capsule product can be directly filled with capsules. The oral liquid product can be directly dissolved in distilled water. The mushroom lentinan is an anti-tumor with a molecular weight of 1 million. Ingredients, in addition, contain blood lipid-lowering ingredients, Double-stranded ribonucleic acid is one of the rare health foods. Mushrooms contain very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, and also contain a large amount of ergosterol and bacteriodol which can be converted into vitamin D, which has a good effect on enhancing disease resistance and preventing colds and treatment. Regular consumption is beneficial to the prevention of rickets caused by blood phosphorus and blood calcium metabolism disorders caused by the lack of vitamin D in infants, and can prevent various mucous membranes and dermatitis of the human body. The lentysin contained in the mushroom can prevent hardening of the arteries, lowering the blood pressure of the human body, and separating the serum cholesterol-lowering component (C8H1104N5, C9H1103N5) from the mushroom.

Plant Extract supplier shares that Lentinus edodes polysaccharide is an effective active ingredient extracted from the selected fruit body of the mushroom. It has a fragrant aroma, rich nutrition and remarkable effect. It can be used as a raw material for various health products, foods and condiments.

shiitake mushroom extract