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What's the Precautions of Wolfberry?

Pulished on Nov. 18, 2020

Wolfberry is a good nourishing ingredient, which can clear the liver and eyesight, nourish the yin and lungs, nourish the kidney and nourish the essence. There are many ways to eat wolfberry, such as soaking in water, cooking porridge, and adding vegetables. But we need to remind everyone that everything has two sides, and so does wolfberry. Who are not suitable for eating wolfberry?Let’s look down together.



1.Not suitable for Hot Physique

Since wolfberry has a strong effect on warming the body, people with hot constitutions are easy to get angry, especially when eating raw wolfberry. Wolfberry can nourish, and warm the body at the same time. Therefore, people with dampness and heat, and phlegm resistance in the body are manifested as high blood pressure. People who have an irritable temperament, lose their temper, eat a lot of meat on weekdays and are flushed, as well as people who have a cold, fever, inflammation, or diarrhea, it is best not to eat, otherwise, it will not only not achieve the health effect, but may also aggravate the condition.

2.Not Suitable During Cold and Fever

Wolfberry is a hot food medicine. If you have a cold and fever, your body is weak and hot, so when you have a cold and fever, eating wolfberry or soaking in water will aggravate the condition of a cold and fever. Inflammation occurs in the body during a cold. During the period of inflammation, whether it is taken orally or soaked in water, the inflammation will become more serious and even induce other adverse symptoms.

3. Not Suitable for High Blood Sugar

Wolfberry itself is high in sugar and should not be consumed by diabetics. In addition, in daily life, some hypertensive patients and people with irritable temperament are better to eat less or not to eat, because these people belong to warm bodies. After taking wolfberry fruit, it is easy to cause the internal fire to rise, and there will be strong liver fire and upper fire and so on.

4. Not Suitable for Weak Digestion

For people with spleen deficiency, if they often use wolfberry to soak in water, it will easily cause the spleen and stomach to block cold and phlegm and cause indigestion. People with yin constitution, such as fat body, greasy moss, fear of cold, do not want to drink, and those with deficiency of the spleen and stomach cannot eat wolfberry!

5. Should not Drink Green Tea with Food

It is not suitable to eat with green tea. One reason is that green tea will reduce the health effects of wolfberry, and the other is that the tannic acid contained in green tea has an astringent absorption effect, which will form a substance in the body that cannot be absorbed by the human body. The body is seriously injured.

6.Do not Take too many warm Supplements.

 In daily life, we often make tea with Chinese wolfberry and jujube. When we stew the soup, we also use jujube, red ginseng, and Chinese wolfberry as a stew. In fact, wolfberry should not be taken with too many warm supplements. It is necessary to keep a good amount in the ratio, otherwise, it will easily cause bad symptoms such as getting angry.

 In addition,  we do not eat too much wolfberry. Generally speaking, healthy adults should eat no more than 20 grams of wolfberry per day for health care.

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