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The Nutritional Value of Wolfberry

Pulished on Sep. 04, 2020

Wolfberry berries have been recognized since ancient times. Perhaps more people only know that wolfberry berries are a good product for strengthening yang and nourishing the kidney. In fact, the effects of wolfberry berries are not only that, but wolfberry berries should be regarded as a good tonic for all ages. From the perspective of nutrition. Look, wolfberry is rich in a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. Studies have confirmed that it contains up to 20 kinds of amino acids, which can then be absorbed and utilized by the body to enhance physical fitness. In addition, Lycium barbarum is rich in β-carotene, which is also helpful for improving eyesight, because it can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, and vitamin A can produce retinol, which can improve eyesight and prevent macular disease effect.

Wolfberry can also improve the skin's ability to absorb oxygen, and it can also have a whitening effect. Therefore, friends who want to have better skin can eat wolfberry to relieve the roughness of the skin; researchers have also done experiments with wolfberry extract and found it has an inhibitory effect on liver damage caused by taking carbon tetrachloride poisoning. Researchers also found that wolfberry extract can also prevent liver dysfunction caused by carbon tetrachloride. This effect mainly depends on the betaine in wolfberry. It acts as a methyl donor in the human body.

After learning about the effects of Edible Wolfberry Extract, many of my friends may be eager to try it. Then I will help my friends to list 3 more common ways to maintain health:

1. Chew and eat. As we mentioned earlier, wolfberry contains carrots and other ingredients, and carotene is not easily soluble in water. So soaking wolfberry in water can’t actually absorb all its active ingredients, but chewing and eating It can effectively absorb the nutrients in the wolfberry, and then achieve better health preservation and health care effects.

2. Boiling soup and drinking soup is another way to eat wolfberry. Wolfberry is often boiled with Chinese medicinal materials such as red dates, sand ginseng, Polygonatum, yam, etc., and then cooked with chicken or other ingredients. It is more delicious and has a more tonic effect.

3. Cooking porridge Eating wolfberry to cook porridge together with other foods can fully dissolve its active ingredients in the porridge, which is not only nourishing, but also not irritating, so there are more people suitable for eating.

Edible Wolfberry Extract

Edible Wolfberry Extract

1. People with a cold and fever should not eat wolfberry because wolfberry has a strong warming effect on the body, and eating wolfberry may cause aggravation of the disease.

2. People with inflammation and diarrhea should not consume wolfberry. The same reason is that wolfberry has a strong warming effect on the body and will aggravate the condition. Therefore, such people should not consume wolfberry.

3. People with high blood pressure and irritable tempers should not consume wolfberry. Wolfberry will aggravate irritability and increase blood pressure, so these people should not consume wolfberry.

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