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The Efficacy of Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Part 2)

Pulished on Jun. 03, 2020

Ginkgo Biloba Extract Suppliershares this article for you.

3. Can eliminate the pain of a hangover

In today's society, where there is a need to drink and socialize, many common colleagues drink is a kind of communication in order to make the work more harmonious, and some people have two drinks because of personal or joy or sorrow. However, if you inadvertently drink too much and cause drunkenness, especially drunken to the level of lethargy will affect your health.

For hangovers, that is, too much alcohol is contained in the body and cannot be excreted sufficiently, so that ethanol is formed in the blood, causing headaches, vomiting, and face swelling.

When the stomach absorbs alcohol, the liver will be decomposed into water and carbonic acid to eliminate the body. However, when drinking too much alcohol in a short time, the liver function cannot completely decompose alcohol. In this case, an intermediate The substance, acetaldehyde, is in the residual blood, and acetaldehyde is the main factor that causes hangovers and is uncomfortable. From this, the liver is an important organ for alcohol metabolism.

The practice has proved that if Ginkgo Biloba Extract is taken regularly, the function of arteries and peripheral blood vessels can be normalized, the blood of the hepatic artery or portal vein can be unblocked, the liver function can be fully exerted, and the liver's metabolism of alcohol can be enhanced. Ability to reduce the degree of hangover and even prevent a hangover.

On days when drinking too much alcohol, before taking a bed, if you take Century Weikang ginkgo tea crystal granules, you will be able to improve the discomfort caused by a hangover after waking up the next day. Now many people use this substance to prevent a hangover.  

Ginkgo Tea Crystal Granules

Ginkgo Tea Crystal Granules

4. Eliminate backache

In the past, low back pain was a problem for middle-aged people. However, in modern society, young people in their twenties, even young people and even children may find back pain.

The cause of backache is unclear. It may be caused by diseases such as tuberculosis, high blood pressure, irregular menstruation, or premenopausal disorders. Backache will cause the deterioration of our blood circulation. If we can eliminate this problem, The true cause of fatigue must be found.

The general shoulder pain is mostly caused by fatigue. At this time, lactic acid accumulates in the muscles and forms a congested state. Its symptoms are that the muscle cells near the shoulders are tight and show a hard state, which causes pain. To eliminate shoulder pain, it is to expel lactic acid from the tissues, so we must improve poor blood circulation and make the blood flow lively and energetic. Ginkgo biloba extract GBE can eliminate back pain because it can make the blood circulation good, and eliminate it in time Lactic acid improves muscle oxygen supply.

5. Eliminate numbness in hands and feet

Once the feeling of hands and feet is dull, it will look awkward, like putting on an iron ring; the slowness of hands and feet is a prelude to numbness of hands and feet. Although the numbness of hands and feet can still move, it will feel uncomfortable, but we still listen to many people Complain, because this is a latent disease, people are afraid of causing various diseases in the future.

When eating and putting, I suddenly feel numbness in my hands and break the bowl. This situation means that the cerebrovascular is dysfunctional. When I feel numbness in my feet during walking, it will return to normal after a short rest. This situation indicates that the blood circulation at the end of the foot is poor. Caused.

Numbness in hands and feet can also be caused by cerebrovascular disorders. Short-term numbness may be caused by a temporary cerebral deficiency in the brain. If it is persistent numbness, it means that there is a possibility of cerebral thrombosis. This numbness is often accompanied by hemiplegia and aphasia.

Regardless of any numbness, it is caused by poor blood circulation. In major foreign hospitals, Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder is often used for treatment, because it can dilate blood vessels, restore blood circulation to normal, and can be improved. The numbness of hands and feet after the year, another reason why it is easily accepted is that there are no side effects.