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The Efficacy of Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Part 1)

Pulished on May. 27, 2020

Maybe you have tasted the warm and fragrant ginkgo, and you still miss the taste. Maybe you admire the beautiful leaves of the ginkgo tree, but have you ever imagined that the strangely shaped leaves contain magic substances that make people healthy. Ginkgo biloba extract supplier introduces the efficacy of ginkgo Biloba extract.

1. Can eliminate dizziness caused by tension

Modern times are an era of developed, civilized, and high-tech explosions. In order to continuously pursue civilization, humans have produced various life pressures, especially mental pressures. Excessive tension will cause headaches, dizziness, and other discomforts.

The capacity and potential of the brain are limited. The oxygen and nutrients required by brain cells are transported by blood. If the brain is used too much, the blood can not supply oxygen and nutrients, and the metabolic waste can not be transported out, which can cause fatigue. In the blood and increasing, the blood begins to sticky, the blood cannot flow smoothly, the brain is difficult to work properly, and it feels confused but overwhelmed, which makes it impossible to concentrate on thinking about things. This state is brain fatigue. symbol of.

Ginkgo biloba extract preparation can restore the smoothness of large arteries, large veins, capillaries, reduce blood viscosity, and promote cerebral circulation function, thereby eliminating the discomfort caused by excessive tension. Regular consumption can make you energetic and work efficiency greatly improved. Ginkgo biloba extract has become an indispensable treasure in the modern fierce competition.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

2. It has the effect of adjusting body circulation and eliminating fatigue

After a good night ’s sleep, the next day you can wake up and recover your spirits. This means that your body is in good health and you are not overworked. If you have to wait for several days to recover, then add second-degree fatigue when you are about to recover, Which created a vicious circle.

Once there is over-fatigue, it will cause various diseases, so as soon as you discover over-fatigue, you should take rest quickly and continue working after your physical strength is restored.

What is the cause of fatigue physiologically? It has not been confirmed yet, but according to various studies, it is recognized that the accumulation of lactic acid will cause fatigue.

According to research, under excessive labor, lactic acid can accumulate in the body, causing body aches and fatigue. Lactic acid accumulates in the blood, which can also cause insufficient oxygen content in the blood. When the body's energy continues to be consumed and oxygen is insufficient And the kidney function is weakened, the brain activity is reduced, and the degree of fatigue is even heavier.

Therefore, to restore physical strength and eliminate fatigue, the blood in various parts of the body must be smooth, oxygen can be smoothly transported to various parts of the body, and lactic acid can be transported away at the same time. People in regular clothing will deeply feel its magical effect of eliminating fatigue.