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How Much do You Know about the Efficacy of Cordyceps Sinensis? (Part 2)

Pulished on May. 06, 2020

6. Can Cordyceps products be preserved for a long time? How to preserve them?

Cordyceps mycelia powder is stored under refrigeration (0 to -5 ℃), and the storage time is generally two years. It should be kept under normal conditions for no more than one year. It must be tightly packed and stored in a cool, dry place. Cordyceps Sinensis is easy to absorb moisture, and it will become moldy and rot after a long time. Secondly, too much light will produce oxidation, resulting in a decrease in the effective components of Cordyceps Sinensis. Therefore, Cordyceps Sinensis should be kept in a low temperature, dark and dry place.

7. When taking Cordyceps Sinensis, can it be taken with other foods or medicines?

Because Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus, it can be eaten and used to simmer, fry, stew, boil, and soup with other foods to make the food more nutritious; taking it with other medicines will not produce adverse reactions. It can be taken with other foods or medicines.

8. Why Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelium health supplement is particularly effective for women?

Women have special physical conditions. Blood stasis and pain, which are valued by Chinese medicine, are painful if they don't work together. Pain occurs when blood cannot flow. Bruising is due to poor blood circulation, and this symptom occurs mostly on the skin. The surface of the bruise shows purple and black spots. If it is long-term stagnation, muscle tension will also appear. Long-term use of Cordyceps Sinensis can improve blood circulation, regulate endocrine disorders, and has certain effects on female diseases such as dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, black blood, etc. At the same time, it can also delay female menopause disorders. Therefore, Cordyceps products are a kind of effective health care products and beauty products for women.

Cordyceps Militaries Powder

Cordyceps Militaries Powder

9. Which diseases are most effective for cordyceps militaries powder?

According to the study of Cordyceps Sinensis in Chinese medicine, Cordyceps Sinensis is particularly effective for diseases of both lung and kidney deficiency. Mainly used for tuberculosis, cough spermatorrhea, impotence spontaneous sweating, sweating, waist and knee pain, neurasthenia, prolonged deficiency after the disease, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, chronic nephritis, and other diseases. With "Chinese Medicinal Mycology" records; Cordyceps Sinensis has anti-fatigue, anti-aging, enhances immunity and sexual function, and can also kill cancer cells.

10. How to master the best time for decoction of Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps is a fungus mushroom. The active ingredients are easily dissolved in water. Therefore, the decoction time is not too long. Generally, cook for about 30 minutes before simmering. If the cooking time is too long or too long, some ingredients in Cordyceps Sinensis will be damaged, and the expected efficacy will be reduced, and the expected therapeutic purpose will not be achieved.

11, Cordyceps Sinensis wine-soaked as long as possible?

Soak the wine with Cordyceps Sinensis, usually soaked for 1-2 years. If the time is too long, the active substance will be oxidized and decomposed. Over time, undesirable microorganisms will multiply. Therefore, the time of soaking the wine with Cordyceps Sinensis should not be too long, it is best to drink it in time.

At present, the seven anti-aging active substances recognized by the medical community, Cordyceps Sinensis covers five categories, namely polysaccharides, amino acids, peptides (proteins), nucleic acids, and vitamins (the other two are flavonoids and saponins). In addition, Cordyceps Sinensis also provides the human body with a full range of trace elements in sufficient quantities to promote the synthesis of anti-aging hormones; SOD (superoxide dismutase) plays an important role in preventing radiation and anti-aging.