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[knowledge]A medicinal food contained in ancient herbal literature

Pulished on May. 10, 2019

A medicinal food contained in ancient herbal literature shared by Shiitake Mushroom Extract China.

Disperse cold (for cold and cold illness) food: ginger, onion, mustard, alfalfa.

Disperse wind heat (for wind-heat cold disease) food: tea, cardamom, carambola.

Heat and diarrhea (for internal fire illness) Food: white, bracken, bitter, bitter gourd, pine egg, lily, watermelon.

Heat-clearing and simmering (for hot and cold injuries) food: sugar cane, tomato, mandarin, lemon, apple, melon, sweet orange, medlar.

Heat and dampness (for damp heat) food: camphor, buckwheat.

Shiitake Mushroom Extract China

Heat and cooling blood (for blood heat) food: medlar, eggplant, black fungus, leeks, sunflower seeds, salt, celery, loofah.

Heat-clearing and detoxifying (for heat-toxin) foods: mung beans, red beans, peas, bitter gourd, purslane, leeks, pumpkins, vegetables.

Clearing heat and pharynx (for internal heat sore throat) food: olive, mangosteen, medlar, chicken protein.

Heat and heat (for heat disease) food: watermelon, mung bean, red bean, green tea, coconut milk.

Qinghua sputum (for enthusiasm) food: white radish, winter melon seeds, medlar, seaweed, sea bream, seaweed, kelp, carrageen.

Warming colds (for cold illness) food: onions, apricots, mustard, ginger, bergamot, camphor, sweet-scented osmanthus, orange peel.

Cough and asthma (for cough and wheezing) food: lily, pear, alfalfa, groundnut, almond, ginkgo, ebony, pakchoi.

Spleen and stomach (for spleen and stomach disorders) Food: pumpkin, cabbage, taro, pork belly, milk, mango, pomelo, papaya, chestnut, jujube, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, lentils, corn, figs, carrots, yam , white duck meat, vinegar, glutinous rice.

Qingreli pharynx (for internal heat sore throat disease) food: olives, luohanguo, water chestnuts, egg white.

Heat-clearing and heat-relieving food: watermelon, mung bean, red bean, green tea, coconut water.

Food: radish, winter melon seeds, water chestnuts, seaweed, seaweed, deer horn vegetables.

Warming cold phlegm category (for cold phlegm disease) food: onion, apricot, mustard, ginger, citron, citron, osmanthus, orange peel.

Food: lily, pear, loquat, groundnut, almond, ginkgo, black plum, Chinese cabbage.

Food: pumpkin, cabbage, taro, pork stomach, milk, mango, grapefruit, papaya, chestnut, jujube, japonica rice, glutinous rice, lentil, corn, FIG, carrot, yam, white duck, vinegar, coriander.

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