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Mushroom (edible mushroom)

Pulished on Jun. 04, 2019

Mushroom (edible mushroom)

Shiitake, also known as mushroom, mushroom, fragrant letter, cantaloupe, mushroom, wild mushroom, is the fruiting entity of pleurotaceae plants. Shiitake Mushroom Extract China shares that lentinus edodes is the second largest edible fungus in the world, and one of the specialties in China. It's a fungus that grows on wood. It is delicious, fragrant and nutritious. Lentinus edodes are rich in vitamin B group, iron, potassium, vitamin D (converted into vitamin D after being exposed to the sun), sweet taste, flat sex. Attenuated anorexia, less gas.

Lentinus edodes, known as the king of mountain treasures, is high protein, low fat nutrition and health food. Chinese medical scientists have a famous discussion on lentinus edodes. Modern medicine and nutrition research, the medicinal value of lentinus edodes has been explored. The ergosterol content in lentinus edodes was very high, which was effective in preventing rickets. Lentinan (beta 1,3 glucan) can enhance cellular immunity, thus inhibiting the growth of cancer cells; Lentinus edodes contains more than 40 enzymes of six major enzymes, which can correct the deficiency of human enzyme. Shiitake fat contains fatty acids, which are beneficial to lowering blood lipids.

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Edible Shiitake Mushroom Extract