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Main USES Of Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Pulished on May. 07, 2019

Main USES Of Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Products known as lentinan powder (mushroom extract), Shiitake Mushroom Extract China shares that it is mainly used in medicine and health food raw materials, capsule products can be directly filling capsules, oral liquid can be dissolved in distilled water directly products, mushrooms in the mushroom polysaccharide is the antitumor element of the molecular weight of 1 million, in addition also has an element of reducing blood fat -- -- -- -- -- mushrooms too, mushroom and adenine and adenine derivatives, mushroom contains antiviral components -- -- -- -- -- - interferon inducing agent, double-stranded RNA, is one of the rare health food. Lentinus edodes contain very high unsaturated fatty acids, and a large amount of ergosterol and phytosterol which can be converted into vitamin D, which have good effects on strengthening anti-disease, preventing colds and treating colds. Regular consumption is beneficial to the prevention of human body, especially for infants due to lack of vitamin D caused by the blood phosphorus, blood calcium metabolism disorders caused by rickets, can prevent human various mucosa and dermatitis. Lentysin in lentinus edodes can prevent the hardening of blood vessels and reduce people's blood pressure. Lentinus edodes can also isolate the components of lowering serum cholesterol (C8H1104N5, C9H1103N5).

Lentinan is an active ingredient extracted from the fruiting bodies of selected lentinus edodes.

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Shiitake Mushroom Extract China