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Efficacy editing for Lentinan (LTN)

Pulished on Apr. 28, 2019

Efficacy editing for Lentinan (LTN)

Following shared by the Shiitake Mushroom Extract China.

1. Lentinan has immunomodulatory and anti-tumor effects: lentinan can promote T cells regulating human immune function, stimulate the formation of antibodies and activate macrophages, and reduce the ability of methychoanthracene to induce tumors, so it has a strong inhibitory effect on cancer cells. Lentinan is known as the Scheme efferent in immunology and is used in the clinical application of anti-tumor. In human body, lentinan can increase the synthesis of DNA and the production of peripheral monocyte immune proteins.

2. Liver protection and detoxification effect of lentinan: lentinan can significantly reduce the ALT increase caused by CCl4, thioacetamide and prednisolone, and can antagonize the decrease of liver glycogen content in CCl4 liver injury, which has the effect of liver protection and detoxification.

3. Lentinus edodes also contain double-stranded RNA, which can induce interferon and have antiviral ability. Lentinus edodes extract has antiplatelet agglutination effect.

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