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Nutritional value of lentinus edodes extract

Pulished on Apr. 23, 2019

Nutritional value of lentinus edodes extract

Shiitake Mushroom Extract Supplier shares that lentinus edodes contain more than 10 kinds of amino acids, including isoleucine, lysine, phenylalanine, methionine, threonine, valine and other 7 kinds of essential amino acids and vitamins B1, B2, PP and mineral salt and crude fiber.

1. Lentinus edodes are very high in unsaturated fatty acids. In addition to ergosterol, there was sterol, which was converted to vitamin D to enhance anti-disease and prevention of cold.

2. Regular consumption of lentinus edodes is beneficial to the prevention of rickets (especially infants) caused by the deficiency of vitamin D in human body caused by the disorder of blood phosphorus and blood calcium metabolism, and can prevent various human mucosa and skin inflammation;

3. Lentinus edodes have adenine and choline, which can prevent liver cirrhosis and vascular sclerosis;

4. Lentinus edodes contain casein oxidase, has the effect of reducing blood pressure.

5. Lentinus edodes also isolated components of serum cholesterol lowering (C6H11O4N5,C9H11O3N5)

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