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Three Major Trends Driving the Powder Beverage Products

Pulished on May. 23, 2019

Three Major Trends Driving the Powder Beverage Products:

First, Shiitake Mushroom Extract China shares that the trend toward cleaning labels continues to grow. Consumers are looking for natural positioning and short, meaningful ingredients. Natural sweetener systems are the first choice for other natural and/or organic ingredients.

Second, the product must provide functionality or purpose. The mainstream market is increasingly aware of the benefits of functional ingredients, especially proteins. Consumers are looking for ingredients that provide "purpose", such as satiety, energy or immunity, and protein leading the way. The diversification of protein sources outside of dairy products and plants is a strong complementary trend.

Finally, all “snacks” open up another path for beverage products. Drink a "breakfast - and other meals" trend. Consumers are looking for healthy drinks to replace the tradition. Portability, convenience, satiety and nature are an important part of a new generation of healthy and nutritious drinks.

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