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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Pearl Powder?

Pulished on Feb. 11, 2019

Generally, the Natural Pearl Powder can be distinguished from the following aspects:

First: the price factor.

Second: skin feeling.

High-quality pearl powder: The finer the pearl powder, the better, of course, the more expensive.

Inferior pearl powder: the particles are very thick, and even some are as coarse as sand.

Identification method: gently massage on the back of the hand, if it feels rough, then you don't have to think about it.

Third: taste.

Pure OEM Natural Pearl Powder : no smell, the taste is mellow, and the aftertaste has the unique aroma or aroma of the pearl.

Inferior pearl powder: acid, sputum, scent or other odor, or no taste. If you take a burnt or paste smell, and the color of the powder is yellow, it may be the residual powder of the pearl hole. The high-speed rotation of the black steel needle causes the powder to become yellow. Long-term use of this pearl powder may cause heavy metal accumulation poisoning.

Identification method: Take a small amount of pearl powder and taste it with the tip of the tongue.

Fourth: appearance.

Inferior pearl powder: obviously white pearl powder. Dip a small amount of powder with your fingers and carefully observe it under the sun or the light. You may notice a noticeable flash. This is mica powder.

If the pearl powder is obviously yellow or black, the texture is not pure.

Natural Pearl Powder