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If You Have These Seven Situations, I Suggest You Eat Some Grape Seeds

Pulished on May. 20, 2020

● If the menstrual period

Females are susceptible to mild anemia due to blood loss once a month during the physiological period. They are pale and lack redness on their cheeks. They look listless and afraid of the cold. Their hands and feet are cold all year round. Eating more raisins can relieve cold hands and feet, low back pain, anemia, and improve immunity. Women at work may wish to eat some 95% OPC Grape Seed Extract, even after eating for 7 days, they will have obvious effects. This small remedy is also effective in treating leucorrhea.

● If you often feel tired

Grape seed also contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, and regular food has a good tonic effect on people with neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

● If you always feel short of breath (always take a few deep breaths to be comfortable)

Grapeseed is very rich in iron and calcium and has a variety of vitamins and amino acids. It nourishes the blood and tonifies the kidney, treats anemia and thrombocytopenia. It is a good tonic for children, women, and frail anemia.

● If you are dizzy, palpitation, fatigue

Grape seed contains a lot of glucose, which can prevent dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, and other symptoms of hypoglycemia.

● If you are worried about your cholesterol

Grape seed can effectively reduce the cholesterol in the blood by 8%, while also inhibiting the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the blood.

● If you have trouble getting into the toilet

Grape seed can improve the health of the rectum, because raisins contain fiber and tartaric acid, which allows excreta to quickly pass through the rectum, reducing the time the dirt stays in the intestine.

China grape seed extract contains an ingredient called butanol, which effectively prevents cell degeneration and inhibits the growth of malignant tumors!

Grape seeds are one of the most valuable components of grapes. In recent years, the grape seed hairdressing that begins to be popular in Europe, use grape seed extract to make face film, skincare oil, the oral capsule was chased after by numerous women. Recently, some grape seed beauty products also began to appear in the Chinese market.

Grape seeds contain a substance called lactophenol, also known as anthocyanin (OPC), which has a strong antioxidant effect. Grape seed hairdressing is a new concept of hairdressing that gets more attention recently.

Relevant research shows that OPC has the ability to help the skin enhance oxygen exchange, can effectively resist skin oxidation and aging, its anti-free radical oxidation function is vitamin C20 times, vitamin E50 times.OPC, the main ingredient of grape seed extract, can also repair injured collagen and elastic fiber, which can keep skin whitening and healthy in summer.

Six beauty benefits of grape seeds:

One, increase skin elasticity.

Grape seeds have a double effect on the skin, on the one hand, it can promote collagen to form moderate cross-linking, on the other hand, it ACTS as an effective free radical scavenging agent, can prevent the skin "excessive cross-linking", thus preventing the appearance of skin wrinkles and vesicles, keep the skin smooth and smooth.

Two, wrinkle removal.

With the human body, the skin suffers a large number of free radical damage and anti-free radical ability of the decline, under the ultraviolet damage. Human skin accelerates aging and wrinkling. the antioxidant grape seed extract is a highly effective antioxidant and free radical scavenging cosmetic skincare and health product, and it is easy to be absorbed by skin connective tissue, which can help protect skin from UV damage, nourish skin, reduce skin diseases and wrinkles, and even eliminate scars.

Three, freckle.

Grape seeds are one of the most potent free radical scavengers ever found, with 20 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C and 50 times that of vitamin E.Can eliminate skin spots, chloasma, butterfly spots, and other spots.

Four, white skin.

Factors such as polluted air, ultraviolet damage, and cosmetics activate free radicals, leading to a large number of cell death and metabolic disorders, the impurities in the cell cannot be metabolized out of the body, resulting in pigment deposition, and the death of aging cells aggravate the color of the skin, making the skin dull and dull. Grape seed can accelerate skin cell generation, promote cell metabolism, make the skin become white, tender, and smooth.

Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract

Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract

Five, moisturize.

Free radicals attack cells, causing a lot of damage to skin cells, cell membrane damage, cell membrane water loss, resulting in a lack of moisture in the skin. Dry, take off dust, form wrinkles. Grape seeds can make new cells and protected epidermal cells full of water, to achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin.

Six, Clear acne.

Acne is an inflammation of the skin caused by the accumulation of lipids and bacteria in the skin. The inflammatory response is due to the presence of histamine, an inflammatory agent released when the body's basophilic granulophils and mast cells are attacked by free radicals, causing cell membranes to burst. Grape seeds clear histamine and smooth skin. It also has the effect of healing scars.

Therefore, grape seeds are known as "the patron saint of women", "skin vitamins", "oral cosmetics" and so on.