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How to make an explosive plant drink?

Pulished on Dec. 13, 2019

With a summer grass mat taste, Laoshan Baihua snake grass water was successfully elected as Qingdao Net Red "Healthy Water"; Guizhou Yigancao, which has liver protection and health care functions, is also popular in southern cities; The national plant beverages that came out of the drink seemed to be only "Wang Lo Kat" and "Jadobao".

1. Plant drinks are both useful and tasty

The development of the plant beverage market largely depends on the advancement of plant extraction technology.

China's plant extract supplier is an emerging industry in general, and its problems are also very obvious. At present, China has not formed a leading enterprise, and the relevant standards of plant extracts are not yet perfect, resulting in uneven quality of natural plant extraction products on the market.

This has made Chinese consumers lack confidence in domestic plant extraction products to a certain extent, thereby driving some consumers to favor foreign companies.

Therefore, for Chinese brands to compete with foreign companies on plant beverages, they need to be more technically sophisticated. Different plants contain different healthy ingredients, and the extraction methods are also different, which places high requirements on plant extraction technology.

At present, some beverages containing plant ingredients still precipitate after standing, and some beverages with plant ingredients have problems of poor taste and odor. For plant beverages to become a new category accepted by the public, in addition to ensuring functionality, it also needs to take into account the taste of the product.

2. Explore more plants

China has a large land and a vast land, and endless endemic plants have created numerous opportunities for brands: why not introduce more plants into the food industry?

Curcumin with blood lipid-lowering effect, ginkgo biloba extract with blood-activating effect, green tea extract with anti-aging effect, ginseng extract with anti-fatigue brain health effect, etc., are increasingly appearing in the natural plant extraction market . In addition, raw materials such as barley, grape seeds, polysaccharide wolfberry extract, and algae are gradually emerging.

The new plant can not only expand the functional characteristics of the product, but also bring consumers a novelty feeling, which just satisfies the psychology of consumers who are willing to try new things and like to explore new flavors. With the advancement of plant extraction technology, more natural plants will definitely appear in beverages in the future.

3. Precise positioning gives consumers a reason to buy

Mengniu's "Ting Xing" kudzu flavored sour milk and F6 kudzu ginger plant drinks all emphasized the sober function of the product, creating a new consumption scene for consumers. Earlier, Wang Laoji also gave consumers a justification for buying with a phrase "Afraid of getting hot and drinking Wang Laoji", so he was able to stand out from many herbal tea competitions and become an essential drink for hot pot and barbecue.

Goji Wolfberry Extract

Goji Wolfberry Extract

The functional characteristics of plant beverages are a good publicity point, but just focusing on the functionality of the product does not seem to be enough for consumers to pull out their wallets. For plant beverages to gain attention, they need to work harder on product positioning and marketing.

With thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine culture, backed by numerous classics of medicinal materials, applying plant ingredients to beverages should be China's best practice. It is hoped that after overcoming difficulties such as technology, recipes, and tastes, high-quality plant beverages can become another business card in China.