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How to Distinguish Between "Ginger Powder" and "Ginger Extract"?

Pulished on Jul. 08, 2020

According to customs export data, High Purity Ginger Extract ranks among the top 50 in terms of plant extract export value. The names of export commodities are mostly ginger extract powder, ginger extract, gingerol, gingerol, and ginger flavonoids.

Ginger varieties and origin

Ginger originated in Southeast Asia, China has a long history of ginger cultivation, and is rich in resources. There are many local varieties, mainly including Shandong Laiwu ginger, Laiwu ginger, Guangdong Shulun big meat ginger, Guangdong Milun fine meat ginger, Zhejiang Linping red claw ginger, Jiangxi Xingguo Ginger and Shaanxi Chenggu Yellow Ginger etc. Ginger's composition is slightly different in different places of origin due to climate and soil.

Ginger powder

Ginger powder or dried ginger powder mainly refers to the powder that is crushed and sieved after the ginger is dried in the shade. There are three main points.

1. Drying method. Fresh ginger contains a lot of valuable volatile oil, so it is better to use dry drying in the shade. Other methods such as heating and air blowing will cause the loss of volatile oil more seriously.

2. The mesh number of sieving, because the raw powder is crushed with plant raw materials, it contains a lot of wood fiber, which is not easy to sieve. Usually, each manufacturer passes 20-60 mesh. Please pay attention to this when making product information.

3. The solubility of raw meal, which contains a lot of wood fiber, so it will be turbid in water-soluble or alcohol-soluble, and there are a lot of fibrous floating substances or sediments, water-soluble is generally floating substances, alcohol-soluble is generally sediment.

 Medical Ginger Extract

 Medical Ginger Extract

Ginger extract

Medical ginger extract includes water-soluble ratio extract, alcohol-soluble ratio extract, and content extract. Here we mainly introduce some information about ginger essential oil, ginger oleoresin, and gingerol.

1. The ginger essential oil has unique fragrance components and other chemical components of ginger. It is easy to use and can be stored for a long time. It is an important industrial raw material for food, medicine, cosmetics, and other industries. The process is generally made by steam distillation, and then made by static stratification or low-polarity solvent extraction, and other essential oils are generally made in this way.

2. Ginger oleoresin refers to a dark brown viscous liquid extracted or extracted with ginger as raw material. It is a mixture containing multiple chemical components. Volatile oil, gingerol, and diphenylheptane are basic compositions.

3. Gingerol is the main component with a high boiling point in ginger oleoresin. It is the spicy ingredient of ginger and is a mixture of various substances. Its structure contains 3-methoxy-4-hydroxyphenyl functional groups. According to the different R group fatty chains connected by the functional group, gingerol can be divided into gingerols (Gingerols), gingerols (Shogaols), ginger ketones (Zingerone), ginger diones (Gingerdiones), ginger Gingerdiols are different.