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Have you eaten the salt made with mushrooms?

Pulished on Oct. 29, 2019

Salt is an indispensable condiment for three meals a day. Without salt, it feels boring to eat. Many people like to add more salt to cook. Most of our eating habits are biased. However, eating more salt can easily induce high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The latest edition of the Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2016) recommends that adults consume no more than 6 grams of salt per day. The relevant data shows that the average daily salt intake of Chinese people exceeds 12 grams.

Chinese traditional foods contain more salt. Take several common foods as an example. A piece of red bean curd contains 5 grams of salt, a small dish of mustard or pickles contains 4 grams of salt, and 1 gram of MSG contains 0.25 grams of salt. Salt contains more sodium. It is an indisputable fact that it is harmful to eat too much. What should I do? Low sodium salt can solve this problem.

It is reported that this salt is added with a certain proportion of potassium chloride in the salt according to the scientific ratio to achieve the same saltiness, making it a low sodium salt. In addition, according to the savory ratio, it is combined with umami, mushroom extract and the like to form a nutritional functional compound seasoning.

Low-sodium mushroom salt is a functional edible salt which is processed by scientific and reasonable ratio of salt and edible mushroom powder. The prevalence of hypertension in China is now increasing, which is inseparable from the per capita consumption of salt in China. If the intake of low-sodium salt is changed, the absorption of sodium can be reduced and chronic diseases such as hypertension and cardiovascular diseases can be effectively prevented. The edible fungi industry does not compete with people for food, does not compete with the grain, does not compete with the land, does not compete with the agriculture, does not compete with other industries, can make money, turn waste into treasure, realize circular economy, create Ten times, a hundred times the effect, so the development of edible mushroom salt costs are low, and the creativity is good.

The low sodium salt is a salt with a relatively low sodium content. The iodine refined salt is used as a raw material, and a certain amount of food grade potassium chloride is added to reduce the sodium ion content in the salt, and the added potassium chloride taste and sodium chloride are added. Close, does not affect saltiness and taste.

mushroom extract?

mushroom extract

In addition, the potassium added to the low sodium salt is an alkaline element, which is also helpful for maintaining the acid-base balance in the human diet. Edible fungi contain a large amount of protein, essential amino acids, mineral elements, vitamins, polysaccharides, flavonoids, sterols and adenosine, organic acids and other active ingredients, which can improve human immunity, reduce blood fat content, and reduce blood sugar levels. Health care effects such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Low sodium mushroom salt combines the advantages of low sodium salt and edible fungus, and it is more convenient and comprehensive to provide nutrient requirements for human health. Low sodium salt is also delicious because of its delicious taste, moderate saltiness, soft and delicate taste and no irritation. Its nutritional advantages have been further expanded, becoming a green functional integrated composite seasoning.

With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of healthy nutrition and diet, the development and promotion of edible mushroom salt may become a topic of continuous concern. The study of edible fungus seasonings also promotes the development of functional compound seasonings. We are mushrooms extract factory, and have bright future.