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Grape Seed Extract has Amazing Effects on the Human Body

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2020

Living on this earth, we enjoy the gifts of nature every day, from sunlight to rain and dew to small plants. Many things have their unique uses. Here we are talking about grape seeds; we are enjoying delicious grapes. At the same time, grape seeds have always been discarded. You certainly do n’t know that small grape seeds have great uses, and their medicinal value is grape seed extracts. Experts believe that grape seed extracts have amazing effects on the human body. Efficacy and role.

Grape seed extract is a class of polyphenols extracted and isolated from grape seeds. Composition of phenols. Grape seed extract is a pure natural substance and is one of the most effective antioxidants of plant origin found to date.

Tests show that its antioxidant effect is 30 to 50 times that of vitamin C and vitamin E. Proanthocyanidins have very strong activity and can inhibit carcinogens in cigarettes. The ability to capture free radicals in the water phase is 2 to 7 times that of ordinary antioxidants, such as more than twice the activity of α-tocopherol.

What are the benefits of china grape seed extract

1. The effect of grape seed extract to delay aging. Unlike most antioxidants, it can cross the blood-brain barrier, protecting blood vessels and the brain from free radicals that increase with age. The antioxidant effect of grape seed extract can protect the structure and tissues from being damaged by free radicals, thereby delaying aging.

2, the role of grape seed extract in skin care. Grape seed has the reputation of "skin vitamins" and "oral cosmetics". It can protect collagen, improve skin elasticity and gloss, whiten, moisturize and freckle; reduce wrinkles, keep skin soft and smooth; remove acne and heal scars

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract

3. Anti-allergic effect of grape seed extract. Penetrating cells fundamentally inhibits the release of the allergenic factor "histamine" and improves the tolerance of cells to allergens; clears allergenic free radicals, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic; effectively regulates the body's immunity and completely improves allergies

4. Anti-radiation effect of grape seed extract. Effectively prevent and reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, inhibit lipid peroxidation caused by free radicals; reduce damage to skin and internal organs caused by radiation from computers, mobile phones, and televisions.

5. The blood lipid-lowering effect of grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is rich in more than 100 effective substances, of which unsaturated fatty acid-linoleic acid (which is necessary for the human body but cannot be synthesized) accounts for 68-76% of the oil crops. It goes from unsaturated to saturated state. Consuming 20% of cholesterol can effectively reduce blood lipids.

6, vascular protection of grape seed extract. Maintain proper permeability of capillaries, increase blood vessel strength, reduce capillary fragility; protect cardio-cerebral vessels, reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, prevent cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, etc .; lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, inhibit thrombus formation, and reduce fatty liver Occurrence; prevent edema caused by weak blood vessel walls.

7. Grape seed extract protects the eyes.

First of all, grape seed extract contains a substance called procyanidin OPC, which has strong antioxidant properties. The structure of the human eye has a structure called the retina. This structure is very susceptible to damage by oxidative free radicals. Therefore, the antioxidant properties of grape seeds can effectively prevent the retina from being oxidized, thereby protecting the eyes.

Secondly, there is an unsaturated fatty acid called linoleic acid in the extract of grape seeds. This substance has a good relief effect on human eye fatigue, and can effectively prevent dry eyes or blurred vision. Appears, thereby improving the adaptability of vision to light perception and enhancing vision.

In addition, the hyaluron of the eye is also a very vulnerable part. Taking grape seeds can effectively protect the hyaluron, prevent the loss of hyaluron, relieve the blurred vision of the eyes, and prevent the oxidation of lens proteins by free radicals. , Thereby ensuring the visual ability of the eyes.