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Medicinal Value Of Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Pulished on Jan. 24, 2019

Ginkgo Biloba Extract promotes both the circulation of the brain and body limbs. One of the main health functions of Ginkgo biloba extract is to inhibit a substance called platelet activating factor (PAF), a medium released from cells that causes platelets to aggregate (stack together). High levels of PAF can cause damage to nerve cells, decreased blood flow to the central nervous system, inflammation, and bronchoconstriction.


Ginkgo biloba extract may exert antioxidant properties in the brain, eye retina and cardiovascular system. Its antioxidant effects in the brain and central nervous system may help prevent age-induced brain function decline. The antioxidant function of Ginkgo biloba extract in the brain is of particular interest. The brain and central nervous system are particularly vulnerable to free radical attack. Free radical-induced brain damage is widely recognized as a contributing factor to a variety of diseases that accompany aging, including even Alzheimer's disease.


Ginkgo biloba extract enhances blood flow to the brain and has an excellent nourishing effect on the nervous system. Hundreds of scientific studies involving tens of thousands of patients have confirmed the efficacy of Ginkgo biloba extract efficacy for many problems including cerebral hypotension and mental decline in elderly patients.

Resistance to dementia

Yellow Brown Ginkgo Biloba Extract is widely used in Europe to treat dementia. Ginkgo is believed to help prevent or treat these brain disorders because it increases brain blood flow and its antioxidant function. Despite the scientific flaws in many clinical trials, Ginkgo biloba may increase the ability to think, learn, and remember in Alzheimer's patients.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract