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Ginger Extract Reduces Body Fat

Pulished on Mar. 19, 2019

Researchers from South Korea, a study published in the journal Nutrition, point out that feeding Ginger Extracts to mice fed a high-fat diet can reduce their body fat and weight gain.

Researchers say that ginger extract is licensed as a functional food ingredient to help people who want to prevent obesity and inflammation.

The researchers selected 27 experimental mice and randomly divided them into three groups (nine in each group), one group fed a high-fat diet, one group fed a high-fat diet supplemented with ginger high hydrostatic water extract, and one group fed. A high-fat food with hot water ginger extract added. The trial lasted for 10 weeks, after which the rats were euthanized by the researchers to see the serum, liver and epididymal adipose tissue.

Finally, the researchers evaluated the levels of genes and proteins associated with fat storage and inflammation in mice, especially those caused by high-fat diets.

The researchers found that ginger extracts inhibited the increase in body weight of mice fed a high-fat diet by down-regulating mRNA (transfer of genetic information) associated with storage of fat and inflammation.

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