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[Extract health supplement for sale]Food industry trends

Pulished on May. 27, 2019

Food industry trends

Shiitake Mushroom Extract China shares that in many parts of the world, the food industry is following similar trends: rising affluence, changing demographics and growing consumer health awareness are increasing demand for natural products and ingredients.

At the same time, consumers are more likely to choose dietary supplements or foods with additional benefits, so-called functional foods, to improve their health. This is why the food industry is increasingly focusing on innovative solutions to enhance the required performance of its products, with additional benefits.

One of the current consumer trends in the food industry is the consumption of large amounts of fruits and vegetables for plant secondary metabolites. In particular, these plant secondary metabolites are polyphenols. Phenols and polyphenols are aromatic compounds found in plants as bioactive substances that produce color or taste or as antioxidants.

Shiitake Mushroom Extract China

Antioxidants are particularly popular in dietary supplements; As free radical scavengers, antioxidants prevent oxidative stress, which is associated with many diseases and aging.

Naturalin is an experienced natural antioxidant additive for use in nutritional products. We develop and manufacture Naturalin series' lu-branded plant extract S for use in dietary supplements or food products to improve its effectiveness, properties, safety and stability to help you innovate.

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