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What are the effects of cordyceps sinensis extract?

Pulished on Jul. 09, 2019

Following the Cordyceps Extract Supplier would like to share with us.

1. Anti-inflammatory effect

Subcutaneous or intraperitoneal injection of Cordyceps or Cordyceps sinensis on ototoxic or xylene mice ear swelling, significant inhibition of rat egg white or formaldehyde foot paw and cotton ball granuloma. The anti-inflammatory effect is related to its ability to enhance the synthesis and secretion of adrenocortical hormone.

2. Anti-tumor effect

Cordyceps sinensis water and alcohol extract can inhibit tumor growth in mouse S180 sarcoma, mouse Lewis lung cancer and mouse mA-737 breast cancer; hyphae have significant inhibitory effects on mice S180, S37, EcA and P388; Cordyceps water extract can not only inhibit the growth of mouse S180 tumor, but also enhance the anticancer effect of cyclophosphamide.

What are the effects of cordyceps sinensis extract?cid=6

3. Anti-aging effect

Cordyceps sinensis extract can increase the activity of age-related enzymes (such as SOD, GSH-Px, catalase), reduce the activity of lipid peroxidation and monoamine oxidase in aging mice; Cordyceps extract can enhance brain function and D- Galactose-induced activity of antioxidant enzymes in aging mice. The induction of steroid hormone synthesis by Cordyceps sinensis is associated with anti-aging function.

4. The role of the respiratory system

Cordyceps sinensis water extract has the effects of significantly enhancing the secretion of adrenaline, relaxing bronchial smooth muscle, dilating bronchial tubes, phlegm and relieving asthma. It has a good therapeutic effect on diseases such as cough, blood stasis, tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis.

5. Other effects

1 sedative effect; 2 antiasthmatic effect; 3 sputum cancer effect; 4 excitatory guinea pig ileum effect; 5 increase blood sugar effect of starved mice; 6 anti-fatigue, prolong the swimming time of starved mice; 7 pairs of tuberculosis, pneumococci Streptococcus has an inhibitory effect; 8 can reduce the death caused by E. coli endotoxin; 9 anti-nicotine, anti-rogue effect.

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