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Edible safety of Shiitake Mushroom

Pulished on Jul. 15, 2019

Edible safety of Shiitake Mushroom shared by Shiitake Mushroom Extract Supplier.

Shiitake has an excellent safety record, but it is known to induce temporary diarrhea and bloating when taken in large quantities (more than 15-20 grams per day). Its safety in pregnant and lactating women has not been confirmed. It is best to consult a physician before taking this herb.


For fitness, it is generally recommended to take 20% lentinan 200-300mg. If treating diseases such as cancer, hepatitis and hyperlipidemia, doses should be doubled or prescribed.

Chemical composition

Lentinus edodes extract contains 10 or 20% polysaccharide (lentinus edodes polysaccharide) as the standard.

Lentinus edodes extract was extracted from high quality lentinus edodes by fermentation.

Lentinus edodes extract (Shiitake Mushroom Extract)is rich in lentinus edodes polysaccharide, which is a beta - (1→3), (1→6) branched beta-glucan. Lentinus edodes extract also contains lentinus edodes and lentinus adenine.

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