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The Efficacy Of Cordyceps Extract(part2)

Pulished on Mar. 29, 2019

6. Effects on cardiovascular system

Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Oral Liquid can slow down heart rate and increase cardiac output and coronary flow. Intraperitoneal injection of cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps sinensis water extract could prolong the survival time of normobaric hypoxic mice injected with isoproterenol. Subcutaneous injection of cordyceps alcohol extract can increase the intake of myocardial 86Rb in mice and increase the blood supply to myocardium. The alcohol extract of cordyceps sinensis mycelium and fermentation broth also had certain protective effects on the stress myocardial infarction induced by thyroxine and norepinephrine in rats. Continuous oral administration of cordyceps powder or cordyceps powder or subcutaneous injection of cordyceps alcohol extract in mice can significantly reduce serum cholesterol and plasma -lipoprotein. Intravenous injection of cordyceps alcohol extract can significantly prolong the incubation period of arrhythmia induced by aconitine in rats, shorten the duration of arrhythmia, and reduce the degree of arrhythmia.

                                               Cordyceps Sinensis Extract Oral Liquid

7. Endocrine effect

The water extract of cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps sinensis can increase the seminal vesicles of castrated young male rats, showing androgen-like effects. The water extract of cordyceps sinensis and cordyceps sinensis was given to male mice by intragastric administration. Still can increase adrenal cholesterol content, make adrenal gland adds weight; Cordyceps sinensis has androgen-like effects and can prevent and treat "yang-like deficiency" mice caused by hydrocortisone acetate.

8.Impact on kidney function

In clinical practice, the preparation of artificial cordyceps sinensis was used in patients with chronic nephritis.

9. Anti-inflammatory effect

Cordyceps Extract had significant inhibitory effects on croton oil or xylol mice ear swelling, egg white or formaldehyde paw swelling and cotton ball granuloma in rats. The anti-inflammatory effect is related to the enhancement of the synthesis and secretion of adrenal cortical hormone.

10. Anti-aging effect

Cordyceps sinensis extract can improve the activity of age-related enzymes (such as SOD, gsh-px, catalase) and reduce the activity of lipid peroxidation and monoamine oxidase in aging mice. Cordyceps sinensis extract can enhance brain function and antioxidant enzyme activity of d-galactose induced aging mice. The induction of steroid hormone synthesis of cordyceps sinensis is related to anti-aging function.

11.Respiratory effects

Cordyceps sinensis water extract can significantly increase the secretion of epinephrine, relax bronchial smooth muscle, expand bronchus, dispel phlegm, relieve asthma and other effects, and has good therapeutic effects on cough, phlegm and blood, tuberculosis and chronic bronchitis.

12. Other functions

(1) sedative effect; (2) antiasthmatic effect; Remove cancer effect; (4) excited guinea pig in vitro ileum effect; (5) increased blood glucose effect in hungry mice; (6). Anti-fatigue, prolong the swimming time of hungry mice; (7) to n/med tuberculosis bacilli, pneumococcus, streptococcus have inhibitory effect; (8) can reduce the death caused by e. coli endotoxin; (9)  anti-nicotine and anti-salivation.