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What Is The Effect Of Cordyceps Sinensis?

Pulished on Jan. 29, 2019

Cordyceps has many effects, China Cordyceps Mycelia Powder Supplier will introduce the effects to you.

1. Anti-free radicals, anti-aging, slow down the occurrence of aging and disease.

Free radical damage to the body is an important cause of accelerated aging, malignant tumors and more than 100 chronic diseases. Superoxide dismutase is the primary substance in the body to scavenge free radicals.

2, Improve the body's ability to resist disease.

More than 80% of the human body's diseases are related to immune disorders, ranging from colds and fevers to malignant tumors, including deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Anybody with low or abnormal immunity is closely related to kidney deficiency.

3, Reduce alcohol damage to the body.

Alcohol, fat deposits, hepatitis viruses, chemical poisons, etc. damage the liver, which can eventually lead to liver fibrosis. Liver fibrosis is a pathological process in which various chronic liver diseases develop into cirrhosis. Studies have shown that this process is reversible. Cordyceps Extract is a great product.

4. Preventive and adjuvant treatment of malignant tumors.

The occurrence, development, deterioration and metastasis of malignant tumors are closely related to the abnormal immune function of the body. The vast majority of anticancer drugs also kill normal tumors while killing tumor cells22, affecting the treatment of tumors.

Medical experts at home and abroad are constantly seeking ways to treat tumors from a variety of comprehensive therapies. In China, traditional Chinese medicine combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy for tumor treatment has achieved remarkable results.

5, Regulate the immune system function.

The immune system is equivalent to the guards in the human body. It resists tumors, removes aging and necrotic cells, and fights against microbes such as viruses and bacteria. The effect of Medical Cordyceps Powder on the immune system is like adjusting the volume to make it optimal. It can increase the number of cells and tissues in the immune system, promote antibody production, increase phagocytosis, kill cells, enhance its function, and regulate the function of certain immune cells.

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