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What are the possibilities of Chinese plant beverage innovation?

Pulished on Nov. 23, 2019

Chinese people are known as the "same medicine and food homology" tradition, and Chinese medicine is also widely used as herbal medicine. However, today's Chinese plant beverages are entangled in ancient methods, and the medicines are difficult to balance the functions and tastes. In addition, a large number of newly introduced plant beverages still fail to get rid of the restrictions of the "herbal tea" category, and still play a role in clearing heat and under fire, which limits their development to a certain extent.

The unique plant power is constantly attracting more brands, and the fungus has become the new favorite of food manufacturers because of its unique functional characteristics.

1. Mushroom coffee from Croatian virgin forest

In 2017, Stipe Rezic founded MushroomCups, a mushroom brand. Before the start-up, Stipe was a professional basketball player who played for the Croatian national team. The experience of the athletes made him a half expert in physical health.

Croatia is known as the home of pristine beaches, but at the same time it is also home to the virgin forests - forests full of mushrooms. Inspired by this, Stipe began to add mushroom extract to his daily diet. After retiring, Stipe decided to focus on the development of mushroom extract and share the powerful effects of the mushroom as much as possible. Finally, Stipe and his team brought a unique mushroom coffee.

Not all mushrooms can be used in Stipe's eye. MushroomCups insists on the use of high-quality fungi such as chanterelles rich in vitamin D, immune-enhancing, beta-glucan-rich, anti-aging white birch Velvet, as well as Cordyceps sinensis that regulates the immune system.

Stipe admits that extracting the required health ingredients from the cell wall of the mushroom is a challenge. The cell wall of the fungus is made up of chitin fiber, "chitin fiber is one of the most difficult to digest substances on earth," Stipe said in an interview with NutritionInsight.

Shiitake Mushroom Extract

Shiitake Mushroom Extract

The team tried to extract the method by heating, but immediately realized that it was difficult to extract all the healthy ingredients in the mushroom by this process alone. “We found that different types of ingredients can be extracted by double extraction with alcohol and heat, so this is the most effective method,” explains Stipe. “The next challenge is to determine the specific criteria for time, temperature, and amount of alcohol extracted.”

After a 13-month trial period, MushroomCups finally found the most widely accepted value.

It is reported that MushroomCups has received a $110,000 investment in food innovation accelerator Food-X in April this year. Next, MushroomCups plans to develop new coffee products containing hericium erinaceus extract ingredients.

2. Broaden the category! Ganoderma lucidum and dark chocolate are also very good

British actor Matthew Postlethwaite was originally unable to fight with the food industry gossip, but after feeling the unique effects of plant food, Matthew teamed up with two other performing arts people to co-found the NUDE brand, specializing in chocolate with added Reishi mushroom extract ingredients.

“Dark chocolate itself is a natural food with antioxidants. With carefully selected plant extracts, we hope to create a superfood that brings health and joy,” founder Matthew said in an interview with PRNewswire.

At present, NUDE Ganoderma lucidum chocolate has three flavors: MIND flavor, blend of blueberry, hibiscus and ganoderma lucidum, which can enhance the clarity and concentration of thinking; BODY taste, the fusion of strawberry, rose and ganoderma can improve the healing ability and vitality of the body; SOUL The combination of taste, lavender, raspberry and ganoderma can promote balance and coordination.