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Beauty Effect of Natural Pearl Powder

Pulished on Aug. 01, 2020

Pearl is known as the "Queen of Gems" as a symbol of innocence, perfection, power, wealth, health, and happiness.

In addition to these beautiful meanings, pearls have been highly regarded since ancient times because of their natural ingredients with a variety of health functions. Natural Pearl Powder Manufacturer China will introduce you to the ten health functions of pearl powder...

1. Delay aging

A number of studies have found that the cause of human aging is greatly related to the accumulation of free radicals in the body. Pearl powder contains three trace elements: manganese, copper, and zinc, which are the main components of SOD (superoxide dismutase, which is a daily scavenger of oxygen free radicals in the body). Therefore, the oral administration of pearl powder can increase the amount of SOD and enhance its activity. The trace element manganese contained in it is the main substance for the production of glutathione peroxide (free radical) enzyme. This enzyme, like SOD, also has the effect of scavenging free radicals in the body. If the free radicals produced in the process of human metabolism can be eliminated in time, it can prevent seven from damaging the body, protect cells, and delay the body's aging. Therefore, oral pearl powder has the effect of prolonging life and maintaining youth.

Natural Pearl Powder

Natural Pearl Powder

2. Whitening and spotting

Natural pearl powder whitening contains three trace elements: manganese, copper, and zinc. Oral pearl powder can effectively scavenge free radicals, prevent the accumulation of melanin, effectively improve pigmentation, lighten existing spots, and prevent new ones. Spots are produced. Continuing to take pearl powder not only has a good effect on diminishing and eliminating facial spots but also can make your skin tender and fair. Pearl powder can also cure acne and toxins, and has good oil control and acne effect for external use, and it does not leave marks on acne. When applying externally, the pearl powder contains a variety of amino acids that penetrate into the skin and can be used as raw materials to form new skin. Trace elements can regulate the osmotic pressure of skin blood and skin cells internal and external fluids, which is beneficial to maintain skin moisture, delay skin aging and appearance of wrinkles, Improve skin self-repair ability, effectively promote the recovery of problem skin.

3. Sleep peacefully

The large amounts of trace elements and amino acids contained in pearl powder have nutritional effects on brain neuron cells, especially taurine, which has the effects of calming, tranquilizing, and anti-fatigue. Oral pearl powder can make overexcited and fatigued brain cells obtain Adequate nourishment can significantly improve your sleep status so that you can easily enter the sleep state, and achieve the purpose of relaxing the body and mind and nourishing the blood. Taking a pearl powder capsule before going to bed can significantly improve the quality of sleep and calm the mind.

4. Clear liver and improve eyesight

According to Chinese pharmacopeia, oral administration of Natural Pearl Powder can prevent vision loss. Studies have found that the decline in eyesight of the elderly is largely related to the lack of selenium. The pearl powder contains trace element selenium. The zinc contained in pearl powder can improve the metabolism of the retina and retinal pigment epithelial cells. Active calcium, the main component of pearl powder, plays an important role in maintaining the transparency of the eye lens. Studies have shown that the occurrence of cataracts is greatly related to the amount and activity of SOD in the body, and pearl powder can increase the amount of SOD and enhance its activity. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pearl powder is the first choice for preventing vision loss in middle-aged and elderly people.

5. Remove acne and remove scars

The external cause of acne is generally clogged pores and poor cleaning. The internal cause is generally endocrine disorders. Toxins can only be detoxified through the skin due to heat or constipation. The inner pearl powder can clear away heat and detoxify. External use can clean the skin and control oil secretion. While regulating endocrine, it can comprehensively regulate body functions, smooth facial circulation and normal skin metabolism. Oral and topical pearl powder can work together to repair and reduce acne scars without leaving marks.

6. Take care of life

Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can provide amino acid raw materials for the fetus to synthesize a variety of important proteins during the development process; it contains a variety of trace elements to prevent fetal malformations or congenital complications caused by lack of amino acids, and can activate the maternal hematopoietic system, To stimulate the secretion of enzymes, thereby enhancing the immune function of the fetus and the mother; natural taurine components can promote the development of brain cells in the fetal nervous system so that the brain development of young children has an innate advantage while maintaining the vision function of pregnant women and fetuses; and pearl The main ingredient, pearl active calcium, can meet the calcium requirements of pregnant women and fetuses, and prevent fetal skeletal dysplasia or congenital rickets.

7. Detoxification and muscle growth

Pearl powder is rich in amino acids, which can stimulate the biosynthesis of protein macromolecules. External applications can damage the skin caused by various reasons, such as cuts, abrasions, scalds, burns, eczema, and chickenpox. It has fast hemostasis, fast closing, and health. It has fast muscle and anti-inflammatory effects, and no scars are left after the wound is healed. At the same time, it can achieve better effects with oral pearl powder capsules. Taking pearl powder in the morning and evening has a significant effect on oral diseases such as oral ulcers, mouth and tongue ulcers, pharyngitis, and gum swelling and pain.

8. Strengthen the body and supplement calcium

Pearl powder is the active calcium from life, with a calcium content of up to 35%. The calcium it contains is "organic free calcium" that is easily absorbed by the human body. Taking pearl powder is not a simple supplement of calcium, but the synergistic effect of a variety of trace elements and amino acids. Various nutrients promote the absorption of each other, and comprehensively and coordinately regulate many parts of the human body, thereby more effectively promoting calcium absorption. Because pearl powder is an ideal calcium supplement for the human body, it is easy to absorb and play a role.

9. Adjust acidic physique

Pearl powder is weakly alkaline. Consistently taking it can improve the symptoms of easy fatigue, lack of energy, easy colds, cold hands and feet, hypersensitivity, anxiety, and other symptoms caused by the acid system. It can also improve the body’s immune function, neutralize stomach acid, and achieve It has a stomachic effect, can increase blood calcium, and has anti-allergic effects.

10. Boost immunity

Pearl powder is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and 21 kinds of trace elements, which can coordinate the effects in the human body. Taking pearl powder on a regular basis for a long time can strengthen the body, help lower blood pressure, protect the heart, purify the blood, make sleep adequate, and balance the blood. The body maintains a healthy state so that it can resist external aggressions and enhance immunity.