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Application of Ginseng Extract in Cosmetics (Part 2)

Pulished on Apr. 15, 2020

White ginseng extract can delay skin aging and keep skin elastic. The mechanism of total ginseng saponins can remove oxygen free radicals that damage cells and can act as an antioxidant to a certain extent, thereby inhibiting cell apoptosis effect. Many natural medicines have unique effects on anti-aging. Ginseng, licorice, mulberry leaves, angelica and so on are all effective anti-aging medicines in Chinese medicine.

To study the effects of ginseng preparations on the aging of eye skin, the ginseng preparations were applied to the eyelid skin of different ages to observe the changes in the fiber structure. The results showed that ginseng preparations had anti-aging effects.

Ultraviolet radiation can cause apoptosis of cells in the body, and the causes of apoptosis include programmed death, gene mutation, and immunosuppression. Ginsenosides play an important role in protecting skin cells from ultraviolet radiation and inhibiting malignant transformation.

Pharmaceutical Ginseng Extract

Pharmaceutical Ginseng Extract

Study on Active Ingredients of ginseng for hair care

Hair is one of the components of the human body. The color of normal hair is black. With the development of the economy, the social environment, diet, work pressure and other factors faced by people have caused some modern people's hair to show less white head and hair loss.

In the treatment of hair loss symptoms of both qi and blood deficiency, it contains a blindly important medicinal material-ginseng, which shows that ginseng has an important role in hair care and hair care. Hair growth requires many trace elements and vitamins. Lack of these substances will lead to dull and split hair. Ginseng contains many vitamins and zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements. In the shampoo configuration, add ginseng extracts Vitamins effectively penetrate into the roots of the hair, thereby nourishing the scalp and hair, and promoting hair growth.

Soaking the hair with ginseng liquid will increase the absorption of saponins, protect the hair fibers and play a hair care role. When the mass fraction of ginsenoside is 3%, it can enhance the tensile strength and elongation of the hair and maintain the elasticity of the hair.

Applied to the affected area can inhibit the growth of dandruff. Ginseng polysaccharides help organisms to effectively resist the radiation damage caused by radiation. Adding ginseng polysaccharides to shampoos can reduce the scalp's irritation of ultraviolet rays in the sun during daily life, thus preventing hair loss and other hair problems caused by the sun.

Plant extract supplier believes that ginseng can be absorbed through the skin and hair, which makes it possible for the further development of ginseng cosmetics. Ginseng has a variety of cosmetic effects such as skin care and hair care. Using ginseng or ginseng extract as a cosmetic ingredient (or additive), it adds some functions that the cosmetics did not have, and enriches the variety of cosmetics. In addition, China's development of ginseng cosmetics has a good foundation: China is a large ginseng producing country, with output accounting for about 80% of the world's total output and abundant resources; ginseng has a long history of use and is widely recognized by the society.