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The Difference Between Matsutake And Agaricus Blazei

Pulished on Mar. 02, 2019

Matsutake and Agaricus blazei look very similar, but they are not the same thing. So what is the difference between Matsutake and Agaricus?

1. Growth environment

Tricholoma matsutake is a relatively dry alpine woodland that grows above 3,500 meters above sea level in the cold temperate zone. It grows on pine, hemlock and other trees and is an exogenous mycorrhizal fungus. It is a secondary endangered species.

Agaricus blazei is grown in a high temperature, ventilated and humid environment. It is a fungus that grows on the grass. It is also a fungus for both medicine and food, but it can be cultivated artificially.

2, variety

Tricholoma matsutake is a species of fungi - Basidiomycotina - Basidiomycetes - Agaricidae - Tricholomae - Tricholoma - Tricholoma.

Agaricus blazei is a fungus-fungi-Basidiomycete-Agrobacterium-Agaricidae-Mushroom-Mushroom-Agaricus species.

3, the shape

The fresh pine mushroom shape is umbrella-shaped, the cap is brown, the stipe is white, and the two are brightly colored, and both are covered with fibrous fluff scales. The flesh is thick and white.

Agaricus blazei is shaped like a taro, with a flat central top and a light brown fibrous scale on the surface. The center of the cap is fleshy and thick, some are up to a dozen millimeters thick, and there are fragments at the edge of the cap.

4, smell

Tricholoma matsutake has a strong and unique scent.

Agaricus blazei has a scent similar to almonds.

5, taste

The taste of Matsutake is biased towards smoothness.

The taste of Agaricus blazei is biased towards crispness.

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