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Hamamelis Virginiana(Witch Hazel) Extract Liquid


Product Name: Hamamelis Virginiana(Witch Hazel) Extract Liquid

INCI Name: Hamamelis Virginiana(Witch Hazel) Extract

Botanical Name: Hamamelis Virginiana(Witch Hazel)

Part Used: Whole plant


Witch hazel is a plant with powerful medicinal properties that can be used in a variety of ways. There are many species of witch hazel, but hamamelis virginiana -- a type of shrub native to North America -- is most commonly used in folk medicine in the US. The leaves and bark are made into teas and ointments. Most often applied to the skin and scalp, witch hazel is widely known for its ability to ease inflammation and soothe sensitive skin. It can also be added to herbal teas and ingested orally in small amounts as a natural treatment for other conditions.


Apperance: Colorless or slightly yellow transparent Liquid

Odor: Characteristic odor

PH(25℃): 4.0-6.5

Properties & Application: 

Anti-inflammatory, reduce skin irritation, anti-acne, Alleviates scalp sensitivity, soothes sore throat